State Senate Candidate Souza to Host Event in Port Orford

State Senate candidate Shannon Souza is hosting Drinking Civilly at 4 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 26, at TJ’s Pub & Grill on U.S. Highway 101 in Port Orford. Drinking Civilly has become a routine meet-and-greet once a month in Coos County. Souza co-founded it to bridge the political divide.

“It all started with the national movement called ‘Drinking Liberally,'" Souza said. "It was where people got together with liberals, but when we started launching a chapter on the South Coast, we realized that wouldn’t do us any good. We need all sides of the story and to get everyone here together because no meaningful solutions to any challenge will come from one side or the other.”

This will be the first time Drinking Civilly comes to Port Orford.

“All of these topics have local impacts and we invite all viewpoints to speak up,” Souza said. “So far, we’ve talked about everything from gun safety to homelessness. This is an opportunity to talk about the wildfires currently raging in Senate District 1 and hear local perspectives on what we could be doing better to reduce the frequency of megafires.”