Interview with Shannon Souza, Oregon State Senate candidate: poverty, logging and more

By Jeff Marzick - Southwest Oregon is Trump Country. As the Democratic nominee for the Oregon State Senate, District 1, Shannon Souza hopes to buck the trend and join the “Blue Wave.”

In one of the most conservative areas of Oregon, Souza will face incumbent Republican Dallas Heard in the general election on Nov. 6.

While we have been focused on the important national mid-term races throughout the country, let’s not forget the equally important state and local contests. District One – which encompasses all of Curry County, plus southern Coos County, southern Douglas County, western Josephine County and all the northwestern-most portion of Jackson county – is a microcosm of rural America. The area is heavily Republican and went for Donald Trump in large numbers in the 2016 presidential election. The demographics largely are representative of a huge swath of voters the Democratic Party has failed to reach out to in recent elections. READ MORE...