What Souza Might Have Said

LETTER TO THE EDITOR, The News-Review  Oct 13, 2018 

Wednesday's paper clarified my confusion. We read earlier that Shannon Souza would not be speaking at the League of Women Voters forum. I was perplexed. But the article in Wednesday's paper explained that the policy of the League does not allow only one side to be heard.

This is unfortunate, as Shannon has a lot to say.

It's also unfortunate that interim Sen. Heard is not accepting the League's invitation to speak here in Roseburg, nor in Coos or Curry Counties. I don't doubt it is due to the fact that he's afraid to face off with such a well-spoken, intelligent woman. Yes, he says his dance card was full, but I suspect he can't keep up with the music.

If you are curious, it is easy to see what she might have said if you visit her website, www.electShannonSouza.org, or view the comments she made at the Curry County forum on YouTube. She has many cogent and appropriate suggestions for our district and knows how to get things done. Please take the time to inform yourself, and vote.

Kathy Shayler, Roseburg