Shannon Souza will make a much more effective senator

Letter to the Editor, The News-Review  Oct 13, 2018 

I looked up Shannon Souza’s website,, to check up on why Dallas Heard refuses to face her and debate any issues of the state senate race with her. Shannon Souza is a live wire with an impressive resume. If I was Dallas Heard, I would hide from her, too.

He is smart to avoid giving the public a chance to compare him to Ms. Souza, because she would eat him alive. She has a long history of successful activism in the Coos Bay area, is an accomplished mechanical engineer running her own company and the bass player in a hot band to boot. If the voters had a chance to compare the two, even the hard-guy right wing Republicans would have to admit she would make a much more effective state senator than a neophyte appointed to a position way beyond his skills.

The losers here are the good people of this state who deserve a chance to compare the two and vote for a senator who will stand up for the issues of Southern Oregon. How can the voters of any party believe that Dallas Heard will stand up for us when he will not stand up for himself? If he is scared of Shannon Souza now, how can you figure he will face the Democratic majority in the state senate?

Greta Henley, Camas Valley